Legal Bill Review (LBR) is a custom-made, multi-purpose, legal invoice audit service tailored according to your requirements. The LBR methodology and the reports differ from client to client based on the project requirements. LBR reports are prepared after careful review and analysis of the invoices. These reports include statistical and graphical representation of the results reflecting the analysis, reasoning and rationale applied by our LBR Experts.

Block Billing, Vague Descriptions, Improper Hourly Rate, Paralegal Tasks Billed at Attorney Rate, Non-Billable Legal Research, Questionable Time Charged, Not Challenged, Secretarial Overhead Tasks, Duplicate Entry
Legal Bill Review, cost recovery, cost prevention, law firm performance, timekeeper evaluation, budget v. legal cost, attorney fee award, lodestar method

Our expert bill review attorneys review and analyse legal invoices against applicable billing guidelines, engagement terms, professional rules and other generally accepted billing standards.

The benefits of our LBR service are multidimensional covering a wide array of objectives:

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